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Want to buy dedicated private proxy but have little information about what the heck it is? Well, you need not worry now because we will tell you everything about it. A proxy is a program or device that performs an Internet access task instead of another computer. A proxy is an intermediate point between a computer connected to the Internet and the proxy that is accessing. When we navigate through a proxy, we are not actually accessing the proxy directly. But we make a request to the proxy and it is the one that connects to the proxy we want to access and returns the result of the request. Using a proxy also has its disadvantages. Such as the possibility of receiving content that is not updated, having to manage many connections and resulting in a bottleneck, or abuse by people who wish to surf anonymously. Also, the proxy can be a limiter, for not letting you access through certain protocols or ports.

When do you need a Dedicated Private Proxy?

Normally, people use a proxy to host websites. You may have hosted yours on a shared proxy. And you are wondering if it is worthwhile to change it to a dedicated one. These are the factors that you should consider before making a decision.

You must know that a dedicated private proxy is also inclusive of the following things.


In a dedicated proxy, you have the freedom and flexibility to install the software you want. You can customize it and update it at any time because you are the only user to access it.


On a dedicated proxy, you have the only root or administrator access. It means that your data is truly secure and private since no one else can access the proxy.

When we connect with a proxy, the proxy we access actually receives the proxy request, instead of receiving it directly from our computer. There may be proxy systems that intercept various Internet services. The most common are the web proxy, which serves to intercept connections to the web. And it can be useful to increase security, a speed of navigation or anonymity.

If you want multiple computers to connect to the Internet without each having its own access. Then installing a proxy can be a solution to problems of connection speed and security that involve the existence of several machines connected independently to the network of a Same Internet service provider. If you are the only person to access the proxy and don’t need multiple machines to be connected to a single network. The proxy will not offer you any added advantage to those already offered by Microleaves.

Final Words

Definitely, a dedicated private proxy is the best choice for those who require a lot of resources, disk space, and processing in web hosting. This, however, is offered by microleaves easily. Regardless of the uses that will be given. So, it’s really important to know the advantages and disadvantages of a dedicated proxy. Moreover, it does not matter if you know or do not know how to manage a proxy, as there are traditional proxies and the dedicated proxy managed. But if you are going to use a dedicated proxy, then it’s important to analyze the specifications and price of your proxy.


At Microleaves, we have packages that fit your needs. Dedicated proxy is available for all tastes, sizes, and prices. With the advantage that you can customize your proxy to your liking, regardless of whether you require more resources or less, you will only be paying for what you use or require. With 90-day Satisfaction guarantee, we guarantee speed, support, and stability at all times, come to us and ask for the dedicated proxy you need.

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