What are Backconnect Proxies and How to Use Them?

If you are looking to increase your security on the internet, you are probably searching for best proxies. A proxy is a server that works as a hub, which processes requests on behalf of users. Without revealing your identity on the internet, it forwards the requests and brings back the results back to you. However, there are many types of proxies and you need to choose best one of them, depending upon your needs.

As you look through different types of proxies, you will find something called “backconnect proxies”. These are highly advanced in their functioning and provide the best level of security while working on the internet. Every single request you send out goes through a different port which makes you highly untraceable. So, it is important to understand the concept of backconnect proxies and how to use them.

Backconnect Proxies

Backconnect proxies work exactly like normal proxies but they differ in a type of server. The backconnect proxy is not a single server machine. Instead, it uses a large network of machines, the number of which may vary from 20 to many thousands. Think of it as a big pool of machines, all connected together.

Purpose Of Using Multiple Server Machines

The purpose of using a large network of machines is to change your IP address every time you send out a request. Imagine you are using a computer A, trying to connect to a computer D, which can be any website. Using backconnect proxies will make it seems like the request is coming from computer B, which is still you. Once you have connected to computer D, the response will come back using computer C. This can go for days and weeks, without coming back to B. It depends on how many ports you have bought. In this way, backconnect proxies grant you the best level of security. You still want to know more about backconnect proxies and how to use them? In following lines we will discuss some of the common uses of backconnect proxies.

Some Common Uses

The purpose of discussing, backconnect proxies and how to use them, is to give you an idea that how you can increase a level of security for you on the internet.

Online Marketing

Online marketers face many problems while doing web scraping or managing multiple social media accounts. They often find themselves getting blocked from different websites. Backconnect proxies provide the best solution for those problems. You will never get banned from any website. If you are an online marketer and you know about backconnect proxies and how to use them, you will be on safe side.

Multiple Requests Per Minute

Sometimes you need to do multiple queries or to find a keyword ranking on the internet. Most of the web servers do not allow more than a certain number of requests per minute, which can be frustrating sometimes. With backconnect proxies, you can make hundreds or thousands of requests at any time. Because your IP keeps changing with every new request, web servers are not able to group them and to put a rate limit.

Where to Buy Backconnect Proxies

Now you must have an idea about backconnect proxies and how to use them. It is a time to think, where to buy them from?  Well, there are many sellers of backconnect proxies. But MICROLEAVES is recommended by many top professionals in this regard. They have a database of millions of IP addresses and they are leading providers of proxies all over the world. The best thing about MICROLEAVES is that they care about customer values.

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