Static Residential Proxy for a Safe Browsing Experience

Many of you may have wondered about how to secure yourself in the world of internet. Cybercrime, cyberbullying, and many other dangers compel you to think about how to avoid all these dangers, and the answer is the static residential proxy.

What they do actually is, they hide your IP address and thus make you invisible to the world. Nobody will be able to trace you back to your original geolocation using your IP address when you’re using proxies.

What is an IP address?

When you buy an internet connection at work or at a new apartment, it comes with an IP address. It is a string of numbers unique to each computer using the internet and rendering it different from the other. It basically serves two important purposes.

  1. Host and network internet identification
  2. Local addressing

There are many classes of IP addresses depending upon the IP addresses ranges. And based on the operational characteristics.

Why is it important to hide IP addresses?

Hiding your IP dress is important if you wish to hide your identity from any websites and online software that may be interested in tracking you illegally and without your permission. In a world, where everybody and everything is dependent on the internet, it becomes quite important that you be able to keep your identity secure and safe on the internet.

Especially in a world of social networking, where all the people are connected online, you may wish that your geolocation is kept safe and hidden from the hackers. The static residential proxy allows you that freedom.

What Does Static Residential Proxy Do?

These proxies work by hiding your original IP address, which is your residential IP. You got this residential IP when you first set up the internet at your place. Proxies will work by hiding and mask these by some alternative random IP addresses which are thus called the Residential proxies.

A residential proxy may be static or dynamic and you may choose according to your need. There are many companies who are selling monthly or annual packages of residential proxies so that you may browse safely whenever you do.

Microleaves Static Residential Proxies

Microleaves is by far the most authentic and reliable source for buying a proxy. They have a wide variety and range on their website from which you can choose the package that you like. It depends on you if you’d choose between dynamic or static, Residential or Datacenter. At Microleaves they have it all sorted out for you. You may even learn some great tips about how to protect your online identity.

Microleaves is currently hosting many thousands of customers and has already sold up to fifty thousand products. All because of the efficiency and reliability of our products. We are offering the best deals in town; our highly trained and friendly professionals will help you choose the right choice for you because the satisfaction of the customer is our utmost priority. Our goal is to make our clients feel secure and make his online experience the best one.

To Conclude

Keeping your online identity secure is really important and you should not take it for granted. I’d emphasize using a Static Residential proxy to keep yourself out of the reach of hackers and anyone else who tries to breach your privacy. Don’t allow hackers to peek into your personal life by tracking you down through your geolocation via your IP address.


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