Shared proxies and cheap private proxies

The modern world is using the internet on their routine basis. They need to get secure and for that purpose, they are using much software. Proxies are the dynamic way to secure the Internet from hacker and spam activities. Many people are using these proxies to secure your internet connection.

Proxies are always working as the third party between the internet and the computer for the secure connection. Proxies are of a different kind depending on the use. Many of us do not know about the major differences of shared proxies and cheap private proxies. We will discuss the differences of the proxies.

Major Differences Between Shared proxies and private proxies:


Private proxies are used by the single user over the internet. Shared proxies are basically used by several users at a time in an internet connection. Private proxies cannot be shared with many users they are for one user at a single time.

Security in private proxies:

When we are using private proxies over the Internet we are autonomous on the internet. It is more secure when you are single on the network. When we are connecting to the internet with private proxies we are more secure as compare to shared proxies. Shared proxies are used by many users at the same time that is why get failed to give security to the user.

Shared proxies can also use by hackers and they can risk your security. Use of cheap private proxies hides you from these hackers and spam attacks easily. When we are talking about private proxies our information never gets compromised over the network as compared to shared proxies.

Speed in private proxies:

When we are talking about the private proxies we are not sharing them with other users on the same network. The speed is maximum and it should be because these proxies are used by single users. On the other hand shared proxies are slow and frustrated to use. Some time internet is stuck in shared proxies.

Microleaves cheap private proxies give the users high bandwidth and the speed is remarkable. When you have a lot of internet work and you do not want to compromise the speed. Always go for cheap private proxies instead of shared proxies.

Reliability in private proxies:

When we are going to buy proxies we always wish to have the reliable one (Avoid this common mistake while buying proxies). When we are using shared proxies on the internet they do not have any authentication. This mean connection is not very reliable. Shared proxies are on the other hand easily hijacked by hackers and spam which are already present on the internet.

When we are using private proxies instead of shared proxies we are more secure. No hacker can use our proxy as there is not any open connection for them. Private proxies always ask for any authentication procedure if you want to use them.

The cost of the private proxies:

Most of the time proxies are used with some application and browsers coming with them. The prices of the proxies are different as many companies are offering them. When you are going to purchase private proxies you have to pay for them once to the companies. Private proxies are expensive but they are useful for the users.

Comparing to the shared proxies who are cheap in cost and you can be at risk except for certain features. When you are going to purchase a private proxy you should always go for the best company like Microleaves for the solution. Many companies are offering proxies but they are not of very high quality. Keeping in Mind your needs select the proxy according to the choice.

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