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Do you want to be secure, right? But whatever you do, does it guarantee you that? In the modern world, which is tech savvy we want everything to get access very fast.

The Internet has given us everything and bridged the gap between the countries for everything. But we often face some problems while browsing through other pages which don’t allow to get access to the pages. It happens may be due to policies of the government of that country.

So, whenever we want to access the blocked pages, we use the proxy servers which make our task easier and in this way, we are able to enjoy whatever we can.

The shared proxy makes our tasks even easier. So, if you buy shared proxy from the proxy suppliers, it would be an easy job for you to get your job done within a short span of time.


A proxy server acts as an intermediary between your machine and the internet.

It is mainly used when the client or the users want to access the information or pages from other servers.

The user gets himself connected to the proxy server or requests some services which are blocked or are inaccessible from your region where you stay.

It can also work with a firewall to provide you to the ultimate security between your intranet and the internet. The main advantage of the proxy servers are that they help in fast caching which paves the way for fast access for the webpage. It will keep your identity hidden and also will help you to bypass IP address blocking.


Well, there are many types of proxies available in the world which are based on the type of service each provides. You can choose any type depending upon the type of work and usability.

The most common ones are the shared proxies. You have to buy shared proxy which will be used by many users and not just you. It will be accessible by many citizens in and around the around.

Normally if you buy shared proxy, it can be used by five members depending upon the plan that you choose.


Whenever you are trying to visit any other pages or just do normal surfing, the cookies gets stored every time in the browser. This indicates that the companies are completely navigating you.

In a nutshell, you are being watched every time you spend the time on a particular site. Your privacy is hampered. And the next time you browse the same page, the ads will pop up depending upon your profiling.

So, if you buy a buy shared proxy, you will be relieved from all this. You can maintain your privacy. All this will help to stop the companies from profiling and will give you the satisfaction for the web browsing.


  • The basic advantage is that they are cheap to buy.
  • If you buy shared proxy, you are not only sharing the proxy but also sharing the cost. So it becomes easy as a matter of fact to access the web in a stress-free manner without any objection from the internet or other browsers. This is pretty common among the normal users.
  • They are quite useful for the rare users who may be requiring many proxy servers but uses only one for few hours.
  • They can be pretty helpful with some of the SEO software which helps to rank the web pages and much more.
  • They support both HTTP secured connection and SOCKS5 services.
  • They can be used with other apps or web browsers


Well, often it becomes a bit difficult which plan to choose when you buy shared proxies.

You have to always keep in mind few things before paying your bucks, just check the speed that the proxy is providing and also whether you would be using that much amount.

Another thing is that you need to check the number of connections it would be providing. Before confirming the deal, you need to look whether they are HTTP secured or not.

This will be a great advantage for you before you come to a conclusion. Often there are some cities which offer some trial period.

This will help to know your connections and offer which you would be going for. There are plans for one month, three months or for half-yearly.

The setup is mainly free service but for the other things you have to pay. Normally you get 33 connections per proxy once you apply for the shared proxies.

But the number of HTTP secured webpages varies with the rate of the shared proxies.


Normally dedicated proxies are used by one client only whereas shared proxies are used by normally five members. You can use all the social networking when you buy shared proxy.

So you need not worry about your profile on the social networking site. By the way, it is recommended to use one proxy per account.

Many browsers are being supported including the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and also Google Chrome.


It will keep your IP hidden and maintain your anonymity. This is indeed very important as if you are using normal internet connection, your valuable credentials may get exposed to the hackers and all of a sudden hell might break loose.

With the HTTP availability, you can securely access to any web page. With these proxies, you can filter the pages and refine your search.

This will save both your time and patience. The encrypted connection will mask your location and other relevant details.

The interesting part is that there are many free shared proxies are available on the internet but it is recommended to go for the paid versions.

And moreover, you get to try those shared proxies for one day before nailing the deal. So, if you buy shared proxies, your browsing is safe, secured and also fast.

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