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The Internet has transformed our world into a global village. We can easily communicate across borders online. We can also enjoy material such as videos, music and documents through the Internet. There are special e-commerce websites where goods and services are sold while social media sites allow us to share our life experiences with friends and family. For us to safely enjoy all these activities online, we need protection from malicious Internet users. This is where proxies come in. Proxies are intermediary servers that sit between you and the Internet. They hide your original, unique IP address and allow you to surf the World Wide Web (www) anonymously. While online, you are identified using the proxy IP address instead of your original one. In this way, websites and hackers cannot track you to find out information such as your location and online behavior. Proxies keep you safe online. There are two main types of proxies. These are dedicated proxies and shared proxies. Here is more about the Dedicated proxy and why it is important to you.

What is a dedicated proxy?

A dedicated proxy is hosted on a dedicated server that is only accessible by you and nobody else. As a result, it is known as a private proxy. When you use a dedicated proxy, you do not share in the consequences of the actions of other Internet users. You need to log in using a special username and password to use a dedicated proxy. This gives you access to the server and assigns a proxy IP address to mask your original IP address as you surf the web.

The dedicated proxy is very fast because there is no congestion from other clients trying to gain access to the Internet. Connection speed in a dedicated proxy server can go up to 100Mbps (Megabytes per second). In addition to that, you get to enjoy 100% uptime throughout. This gives you stable access to the Internet whenever you want. As a result, dedicated proxies are great for online business or streaming content online.

You can get a dedicated proxy from a proxy service provider such as Microleaves. It is important to note that all your Internet activity through a dedicated proxy server is logged by the proxy service provider. If you want to surf the Internet anonymously and desire high-speed connections, the dedicated proxy is ideal for you. There are many functions of dedicated proxies today. Read on to find out more.

Functions of dedicated proxies

Infographics: Function of Dedicated Proxies
Function of Dedicated Proxies

The dedicated proxy can mask your original IP address with a proxy IP address so as to give you anonymity online. In addition to this, there are many other functions of dedicated proxies.

SEO and web scraping

Dedicated proxies can be used for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web scraping. They allow you to scale up your SEO operations dramatically since you are not sharing the server with any other users. This results in quicker, long-lasting results. SEO service providers also use dedicated proxies on their end so as to track user ranks and find backlinks to client websites.

Dedicated proxies are also ideal for web scraping. With this type of proxy, you can bypass IP and website restrictions. As a result, it is easy to scrape Internet content on search engines, harvest URLs, scrape social media profiles and collect information about e-commerce behavior online.

Social media marketing

One of the most important activities that an online business can perform is marketing. This allows them to get as many consumers for their products and services as possible. A great location to perform online marketing is social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is because there are millions of people on these platforms every day. Dedicated proxies are ideal for Internet marketing. They allow connection to multiple online social media platforms and accounts at the same time. By using dedicated proxies in this way, you can increase your reach and complete your work from a single location too. Dedicated HTTPS proxies are utilized for this purpose.

Social media sites are known to be highly restrictive. Thus, you need to use dedicated proxies so as to connect your accounts and perform Internet marketing. With the assistance of dedicated proxies, you can run and automate many social media accounts at the same time. They make connection and management much easier.

Buying sneakers online

Sneakers are attractive, valuable and have developed a huge following. There are many sneaker fans out there who enjoy buying sneakers online. One of the facilities that assist them to do this is a sneaker bot. It gives them access to geographically restricted websites. They can buy sneakers from there yet normally they would not be able to. Examples of sneaker bots are Sole Slayer, AIO and JustCopIt. The sneaker bots allow for repeated access to sneaker websites such as Footlocker, Finishline, Eastbay and Footaction.
When the sneaker website notices this bot behavior, the IP address is banned and you can no longer use the sneaker bot to make purchases. Dedicated proxies correct this situation. They bypass geographical restrictions easily. Moreover, they are real IP addresses that can be traced back to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Therefore, the websites identify you as a real person and not a bot. As a result, you can buy as many sneakers as you want.

Local Internet access

If you want to provide Internet access to a specific location, dedicated proxies can come in handy. Moreover, you can use then to geo-spoof search engines. In this way, you can perform targeted web scraping for any location you want.

Purchasing online tickets in bulk

Dedicated proxies can also be used locally to gain access to strict websites such as ticketing sites. Normally, these sites allow a maximum number of tickets per IP address. If you want to buy tickets in bulk, simply purchase ticketing proxies through your dedicated server and use them when the tickets you desire are made available online.


A dedicated proxy has many useful functions for you. It protects your identity online and gives you the freedom to use the Internet as extensively as you want. Some of the functions of dedicated proxies are indicated above. If you want free, flexible, stable and unrestricted Internet access, the dedicated proxy is a perfect choice.

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