Top 5 scraping programs you may use it with Residential Proxies

The most beneficial thing about using a residential proxy is that you get an added anonymity level as well as the ability to fulfill your scraping needs because they are not blacklisted as easily as VPN or datacenter proxies.

Talking about residential proxies most of us have the knowledge that they are virtually undetectable. Undetectability is of prime essence in today’s website security scenario because websites of corporate giants such as Google or Nike are more likely to detect you if you are up on a datacenter proxy and hence limit their services in your favor. Now on our part that is from the user’s point of view we require efficient gathering of data and further use scraping programs to better our cause.

Whatever might be the industry that attracts your interest you will have minimum chances of detection is you are using a residential proxy.

In this article, we will hence discuss briefly about a few scraping programs that benefit immensely from the usage of residential proxies and allows you to scrape or gather bulk information like a thorough professional.

What exactly are web scraping programs?

For the very few who have no idea what scraping programs are, help yourselves.

Scraping software can be described as software or tools on the computer which can be used to scrape or collect data or information collectively from the web through different websites.

From the day the World Wide Web or www has begun to grow in terms of quantity and quality businesses as well as enthusiasts have been benefitting immensely from gathering information from it. Although there are a number of ways to acquire data from various websites there are certain methods that have proved to be more efficient in favor of the businesses. Scraping programs belong to that category of methods which are highly efficient in terms of quality and effectiveness.

The top scraping programs that benefit from residential proxy usage

Top Scraping Program: Infographics
Top Scraping Program: Infographics

We have mentioned above why a residential proxy can be your best friend when it comes to being undetected on the web. Here we list a few scraping software or tools that work most effectively on a residential proxy system.


The primary reason for ScrapeBox being as successful as it is is the fact that it is able to deliver exactly what it had promised which is the successful harvest and therefore contact, comment and further interact with the tons of results provided by the search engine against your keywords.

That is fundamentally the reason why ScrapeBox has garnered the trust of millions of companies as well as SEO freelancers across the world.

It actually provides the user a process using which he can scrape away or gather the results obtained in Google and hence perform all the required actions on them automatically.

And obviously, the quality of the proxy comes into consideration when you are using such a powerful yet risky scraping tool and therefore the user using a residential proxy will benefit the most.

2. Long Tail Pro

Another one of the highly rated scraping software available is the Long Tail Pro which is specifically excellent in scraping results of the Google AdWords Keyword tool. It also efficiently finds out the perfect keyword required to perform SEO.

Long Tail Pro work on the simple concept that longer keywords or search phrases will face less competition in the market as opposed to shorter keywords which are prone to a lot of competition. Long Tail Pro gives the user the ability to find keywords or rather phrases that completely relate to your keyword in a more general sense.

This program therefore is heavily dependent on the proxy that is being used because it needs to send frequent requests to Google AdWords and other systems. Therefore, it is highly mandatory to choose high quality proxies in case you want to extract full use of Long Tail Pro and that is why we recommend a residential proxy.

3.GSA Search Engine Ranker

Actually, this program is entirely a platform for link building and it is dynamically diverse and has high levels of involvement. It also has the ability to work as a scraper and hence scrape URLs that are targeted from Google so that the built backlinks get maximum efficiency.

All you need to do is enter the keyword and target the categories and the program will get together for you tons of pages of results from Google so that adequate places can be found for the backlinks to get submitted.

As it makes more than one request to a single service it requires the use of appropriate proxies so that the requests do not get blocked and your IP address do not get blacklisted. A residential proxy thus provides the solution.

4. RankerX

For a large amount of time RankerX has been proclaiming the top spot among scraping tools and it is high time that they are not far away from that spot.

A lot of customers have immense trust in them and they just might be a scraping program that is completely worth your time and money.

It is equipped with a fully automated system which has serious levels of accuracy and further allows the building of backlinks on websites with high authority.

As you already may have guessed RankerX requires an appropriate proxy service to extract the most efficient services from it and therefore a residential proxy is ultimately desired.


This one is actually a software which has the ability to build comments on every type of media available on the Internet such as news site, blogs or social sites etc.

It actually helps you to build a network of backlinks which provides complete authority to each other which in turn builds authority on the sites your money is invested on.

As SEnuke essentially scrapes out hundreds of websites it requires a safe and dependable proxy service such as the one provided by a residential proxy.

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