Reasons Why You Should Buy a Backconnect Proxy

Information is the most important resource to us today. Both individuals and corporations value and utilize data to make day to day decisions. The ultimate source of information is the Internet. With a computer and the necessary equipment, anyone can gain access to the World Wide Web (www). This connection is provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Part of the connection infrastructure that you require is a proxy. This is a specialized server that provides you with a new proxy IP address to mask your original one when you are surfing the Internet. In this way, you are anonymous online and cannot be tracked or traced by websites or hackers. There are various types of proxies. Examples of these are shared dedicated and backconnect proxies. Here is more about why you should buy backconnect proxy from a provider such as Microleaves.

What is a backconnect proxy?

Many people are familiar with dedicated and shared proxies. However, not many are familiar with backconnect proxies. A backconnect proxy generally works in the same way as a regular proxy. The configurations required to set it up are the same. Moreover, its ports are connected in the same way too. However, the main difference is the network that you connect to in this type of proxy. The IP addresses that you get in a backconnect proxy system are different from those that you would get in a regular proxy system. They come from a different type of server system than we are used to. Here is more about how the backconnect proxy system works.

How does the backconnect proxy system work?

In a regular shared or dedicated proxy system, you deal with a single server between you and the Internet. It is an intermediate or buffer that protects your identity online by assigning you a proxy IP address. It drives the flow of data to and from your computer. This regular server utilizes a collection of headers and referrers for it to assign an effective proxy IP address. However, in a backconnect proxy system, there is a large network of proxy servers instead of only one unit. As such, it is a grand, complex system of proxy IP addressing.

In a backconnect proxy system, there is a collection of many different machines, each with a unique configuration. For example, you can have 20, 200 or 50,000 machines all working together to provide you with static or dynamic proxy IP addresses. This network swarm can be scaled up according to the desires of its owner. The bigger the network, the more expensive it is.

The main objective of a backconnect proxy is to change your IP address and referrer data as often as possible during every Internet surfing session. With a regular proxy server, you can make use of a static IP addressing system. This one changes your IP address from option A to option B when you make a connection to the Internet. If you are making use of a regular dynamic IP addressing system, it transforms your IP address from A to B for a few minutes, then to C for a few other ones, D for some time and then back to B. In this way, both the static and dynamic IP addressing systems used in shared and dedicated proxy systems are both predictable.They follow a pattern or cycle that an external observer can deduce, monitor and exploit. The backconnect proxy system solves this weakness.

The backconnect proxy system changes your proxy IP address every time you send out a request for connection to a resource on the Internet. For example, if you type in to request the Bing search engine in your browser, the backconnect proxy system assigns IP address A to deliver this page. When you enter a search query and click enter, the proxy system assigns IP address B to send the request and IP address C to return some results. If you click on a link in the results, IP address D sends out the request and IP address E returns some results. The process goes on with as many proxy IP address options as are available to you according to the size of your backconnect proxy swarm.

What is the main advantage of the backconnect proxy system?

Advantage of Using Backconnect Proxy
Advantage of Using Backconnect Proxy

Rock-solid anonymity online

The main advantage of the backconnect proxy system is that it gives you rock solid anonymity online with no chance of getting exploited. The proxy IP address changes with every single request that you make on the Internet. There are various backconnect proxy providers. They have millions of available proxy IP addresses for you. Moreover, they assign tens of thousands of them to users every single day. In this way, when you invest in some backconnect proxy, you can be sure of perpetual anonymity on the Internet.

Geographical flexibility

Another benefit you get when you buy backconnect proxy from Microleaves is that they allow you geographical flexibility online. For example, you can get a proxy IP address from a different part of the world. As such, if a hacker or website tries to trace your position, they will land to the country where the IP originated from and not your official, current IP address. In this way, you cannot be tracked or traced online.

Connection filtration and protocol compatibility

With backconnect proxies, you can filter out any Internet connections that you do not want in your computer system. This type of proxy allows you to set preferences in your Internet connection to limit or allow access to specific sites. Moreover, it works with literally all Internet connection protocols. Examples of these are HTTPS and SOCK5. As such, it is a versatile type of proxy system.

No limits on your scraping efforts

A backconnect proxy system allows you to request more resources per minute than any other proxy connection can allow you to do. This is especially important if you want to scrape data from various websites. There are some sites such as Amazon and Google that limit your requests if they notice too many connection requests coming from one proxy IP address. They use Captchas to perform this limitation and slow down your scraping efforts. However, the backconnect proxy allows you to make multiple connection requests without getting rate limitations. This is because you are using so many proxy IP addresses per minute that if one gets limited, the rest take over your scraping effort. This can be performed using software resources such as Zenno Poster, Scrapebox, and Xrumer. As such, the backconnect proxy gives you unlimited scraping potential.


If you are searching for a reliable and highly effective proxy system for your Internet activity, you should buy backconnect proxy system from Microleaves. It provides water-tight security and limitless proxying ability. With access to literally millions of proxy IP addresses, it is a high-quality resource to utilize.

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